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Whether attend a convention or just visiting Baltimore on vacation, you will find many choices for your dining delight. Most visitors will have at least one meal by "grazing" through the food offerings at the Harborplace pavilions.
Looking for something a little different?
Want different? Try one of Baltimore's Asian restaurants such as the Ten O Six (410-528-2146) in Federal Hill for Thai flavored dishes and the Purple Orchid at the Inner Harbor blends Asian and French floors in their dishes.
Niwana (410-366-4115) is a Korean restaurant uptown in Baltimore that offers serves tasty Korean cuisine and has one of the city's best sushi bars. East Baltimore is where you can find Ikaros (410-633-3750) for first-rate Greek cooking.

Want to be very casual? Nacho Mama's (410-675-0898) in Canton, southeast of the Harbor, is a Mexican eatery with giant enchiladas and spicy chili. If you find yourself here but still crave crabs, try the Crab and Corn Quesadilla, it's delicious (Webmaster opinion).

In the mood for Italian? You'll be pleased to learn about Little Italy, which is a 12-block neighborhood east of the Inner Harbor. Little Italy is home to over 20 fine Italian restaurants, some of the most popular ones are Sabatino's (410-727-2667), Aldo's (410-727-0700), Della Notte (410-837-5500), and Valleggia's.

Just because these are the most popular does not mean that the others are just as good, or better. So don't just skip over the others because some of the least popular places tend to have some of the best food. A good way to find a place to eat in Little Italy is to walk through the streets and take in the sites until you find yourself hungry and standing outside of a restaurant. Beware, weekends can get very busy in Little Italy.

It's Saturday, February 06, and your appetite is waking up; it's time to find a great place to eat in Downtown Baltimore.
Light Street Food Hall at HarborPlace
The Food Court at Harborplace
This amazing place will make your mouth water...

When it comes to seafood, Phillip's is one of the most well known names in Baltimore and the restaurant is conveniently located in the Inner Harbor Light Street Pavilion. Phillip's has steamed crabs and other moderately priced seafood dishes in a family friendly atmosphere.

Also in the Light Street Pavilion of Harborplace is City Light's Seafood Restaurant, which is another family friendly facility with good food and friendly service. Though City Lights does not offer steamed crabs, its menu does show many other seafood dishes at moderate prices.

Do you like to sample new beer? A great place for home brewed beer is Capital City in the Light Street Pavilion which brews it's own beer and offers water-view dining.

FOOD - FOOD - FOOD. That's on your mind after a long meeting or a fun day of exploring. After all, you do need to get your energy back.

Dining in the City of Steamed Crabs

Baltimore is known so well for it's steamed blue crabs, that the unofficial mascot for Baltimore has become the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab (they actually turn red when cooked). Tourists and crab lovers flock to Baltimore every year to treat themselves to the tasty Old Bay covered crustaceans; so it's not at all a surprise when you see great seafood restaurants everywhere you go.

Want a real experience of Maryland Crabs? L.P. Steamers (410-576-9294) is south of the Inner Harbor in Locust Point. Located on Fort Avenue between the historic Federal Hill neighborhood and Fort McHenry, L.P. Steamers is not at all glitzy (like Phillip's can be). Instead, it provides a more authentic "Bawlmer" experience while eating steamed crabs. The crabs at "Locust Point" Steamers are better anyway (Webmaster opinion).

Although steamed crabs are great, Baltimoreans certainly can't live off of steamed crabs alone. In fact, some of Baltimore's best seafood restaurants don't even offer steamed crabs on the menu.

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, you may want to head over to Fell's Point. The Black Olive is a small restaurant that resembles a tiny Greek cafe located on Bond Street about a half block from the waterfront. The Black Olive serves up in the freshest whole fish in the area that is grilled to perfection and filleted right at your table. Around the corner from the Black Olive, on Thames Street, you will find another small but fabulous restaurant called Kali's Court (410-276-4700). With a quaint patio ideal for dining al fresco, Kali's Court also specializes in grilled whole fish that is just as tasty. Canton, southeast of Fell's Point, is where you can dine in the spacious art deco-styled dining room of Atlantic. Here you will find seafood entrees served with a novel twist of imagination.

Don't like seafood? Not to worry. Baltimore has plenty of other restaurants and eateries to suit your liking.

If you go to the Intercontinental Harbor Court Hotel across from the Science Center you will find Hampton's, which has been rated by Conde Naste as one of the best restaurants in the country. Here you will find some of the finest dining you have ever experienced. Beware that it is quite expensive, but if you can handle it, the meals are exquisite.

Heading north of the Inner Harbor to Mount Vernon in mid-town, you will find a variety of restaurants from which to choose. For fabulous American cuisine and an exquisite atmosphere you should try the Brass Elephant (410-547-8485) or Tio Pepe's (410-539-4675). If you are looking for something that won't make such a dent in your wallet, try The Silk Road (410-385-9013), which is a little Afghani restaurant, or Akbar (410-539-0944), which specializes in Indian dishes. Like beer? The Brewer's Art (410-547-9310) is a chic place to go for home brewed beer and European meals.

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